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About BriSCEV

The British chapter of the International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision (BriSCEV) was formed in 2003. The members of the society include physicians, Healthcare Scientists and other professionals who have an active interest in clinical electrophysiology of vision. Electrophysiology gives objective information on visual function. The members of the society are involved with the routine clinical application or research aspects of electrophysiology of vision. The objectives of the society are as follows:
1. to promote and extend the knowledge of clinical electrophysiology of vision;
2. to promote co-operation and communication among workers in the field of clinical and basic electrophysiology pertaining to
3. to prepare and conduct meetings and symposia on clinical electrophysiology relating to vision;
4. to provide news sheets and pertinent information to members as well as material presented at symposia, in a printed form;
5. to establish and continually revise norms for instrumentation, recording procedures and measurement in clinical
electrophysiology of vision, in accordance with ISCEV guidance;
6. to organise and promote other related activities deemed to be in the interest of furthering electrophysiology of vision;
7. to provide guidance on education and training, and on professional standards for personnel performing or interpreting electrophysiological tests.
 BriSCEV welcomes new members. To join go to the members page.

BriSCEV committee 2024

Chair: Vikki McBain.

Secretary: Ruth Hamilton.

Treasurer: Joanne Cowe.

Communications: Clare Warriner.  Deputy, David Murray.

Education: Sian Handley.  Deputy, Anne Georgiou.

Professional Liaison: Oliver Marmoy.  Deputy, Stephanie Quinn.

Member at Large: Shaun Leo.

Special Advisor: Dorothy Thompson.

ISCEV Liaison: Richard Smith.

IQIPS advisor:  Chris Hogg.

Associate members (IQIPS):  Lawrence Brown & Chris Hogg.

Committee members photo gallery 

About the association

BriSCEV is the British chapter of the International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision (ISCEV). Course and conferences are held annually.


For queries about membership or registration please email the treasurer: o.marmoy@nhs.net

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